Poem to the Mountain-Spirit Veronica

Poema al Apu Veronica (Poem to the Mountain-Spirit Veronica)

I am at peace here, with the mountains sloping down towards me in thick wooly pleats, olive green, majestic. Beside me sheep and llamas graze, and a kitten purrs beneath my tented knees. To the west rises Apu Veronica, with her white cap and shawl, como una reina: an earth queen standing tall, kissing sky.

Apu Veronica, I call to the white-capped mountain, you have blessed me so. What can I give in return?

The answer comes readily: love and know yourself so that you can truly attend to others.

The breeze lifts the hair from my face, and the kitten shakes her tiny paw, chasing critters in her dreams.

8 thoughts on “Poem to the Mountain-Spirit Veronica

  1. Lana ~ I’m so glad that you are there, without worries. It’s your time. I look it up on Gmaps; you’re so close to Ollantaitambo. I stepped outside this morning and felt I was on the Urubamba. Thank you for sharing. Kristin

  2. Reading your poem, cold shiver up my spine, recognizing the power of the mountains, Pachmama, and this Sacred Valley. Thanks for your sweet visit & presence, Viviana & I loved having you, miss you, and are cheering for you as you follow your path. Looking forward to hosting you & your friends when you return! Will see you when I visit in August. Blessings from Avishai & Viviana, and all the animals and energies of this valley.

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