About Lana Dalberg


As a writer, activist, and lay theologian, I have led workshops in hundreds of U.S. congregations, retreat centers, conferences, and reality tours in Central America. Initially, my justice-focused presentations galvanized congregations to respond to the thousands of Central American refugees arriving in the U.S. from their homelands’ civil wars. During this time, I received my Masters in Theological Studies (with a focus on liberation theologies) from the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (1989). After the Peace Accords were reached in El Salvador(1992), my work turned towards raising awareness and funds for Salvadoran women’s empowerment projects. Beginning in 2001, I started leading workshops and classes on writing and spirituality in retreat centers, congregations, and universities. In 2007, I obtained a MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and completed my thesis, Love, War, and Other Secrets: A Memoir. I also authored A Dream Journey: The Incredible Story of the Founding of Eastside College Preparatory School, a published work-for-hire that I wrote for theUniversity of Dreams (now known as Dream Volunteers). Over the last decade, I have published numerous articles for both print and online publications.

In my book, Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine, I empower women to claim their innate connectedness to Spirit and to realize the sacred in their daily lives.


10 thoughts on “About Lana Dalberg

  1. Thanks, Lana, for the synopsis of your life goals and achievements. We are enjoying your posts. L & A

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