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NEW!!! Unwrapping Christmas: A Memoir


Unwrapping Christmas, a memoir, narrates a journey through holiday events that will make you want to laugh and cry and dance. From eating dangerous tamales to performing with rebels to celebrating the winter solstice in a Lutheran church, the writer’s journey makes for a fascinating read, perfect for the holidays, however you celebrate them.

Advance Praise for Unwrapping Christmas

“In an amazing story of turbulence, transition, and transformation, Dalberg invites us to join her as she revisits the Christmas celebrations of her past and present, revealing an astonishing journey through the heartbreak and grit of life. What she learns and shares along the way is a much-needed gift to be unwrapped this holiday season.”

—Jan Sollom-Brotherton, MA, LMFT

 “Christmas is a time of rebirth and hope. Unwrapping Christmas speaks to a woman’s resilience when her sense of home gets uprooted and she discovers a new way of being.”

—Rev. Rhina Ramos, co-founder of Ministerio Latino, an open and affirming Spanish-speaking United Church of Christ congregation in Oakland

Click to order Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine

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BIRTHING GOD: Women’s Experiences of the Divine

   Powerful narratives of suffering, love, and hope that

   inspire both personal and collective transformation.

 In Birthing God, forty women relate spirit-filled moments: a grieving pastor walks a labyrinth and  rediscovers the Rock of her existence; a human rights advocate re-encounters Allah in an intensely visceral moment in the sun; an educator, moved by an ancestral vision, launches a global tree-planting project to heal the wounds of slavery; a revolutionary awakens from a coma and realizes that all of life is infused with Spirit; a peasant woman under fire discovers within herself the God who gives her courage; and a disabled doctor, embraced by Shekhinah, turns her heart to rabbinical studies. Each woman’s story invites readers to deepen and enliven their own spiritual practices.

Grounded in raw experience and ideal for spiritual seekers and leaders of all faiths, this book brings readers face to face with a divinity who empowers and accompanies women of many traditions: Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, indigenous, pagan, and, as one interviewee put it, “syncretic and wonderfully blended faiths.”

Meditations and thought-provoking questions cap each story, making the book ideal for personal reflection and group discussion. Women’s circles, classes, book clubs and women’s spirituality groups, both inside and outside of traditional congregational and educational settings, will find this book engaging and inspiring.

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